Asante Ashland Community Hospital

Asante Ashland Community Hospital (photo courtesy of Asante)


Programs housed on the Southern Oregon University campus are easy to access for participants with accessibility issues. Both Cox Hall and McLoughlin Hall have an elevator, and many bathrooms are equipped with grab bars.

Accessible parking is available, and we can accommodate most needs with advance notice. Participants need only be able to get around on their own with reasonable accommodations.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your specific needs.

Prescription Medicine

If you take prescription medicine, make sure you have enough to get you through your program. It can be difficult to refill prescriptions away from home—especially if you are out of state.

Ashland Medical Facilities

Ashland Community Hospital provides exceptional care and 24-hour emergency room service.

Asante Ashland Community Hospital

280 Maple Street
Ashland, OR 97520

There is also an immediate care service facility available in Ashland:

Valley Immediate Care

1401 Siskiyou Boulevard, Suite 1
Ashland, OR 97520